Professional Coaching

Coaching empowers individuals to move past barriers, change perspectives and increase perception, create clarity and meaning, and achieve goals in any area of professional or personal life. Coaching improves relationships, motivation, and performance at the individual and organizational levels. Clients seek coaching to achieve any number of goals, such as leadership development, clarification of individual values and purpose, or successfully navigating a career move. It is the coach’s job to unlock potential by asking the right questions and using a variety of tools to provide the necessary structure to identify and achieve goals. Through this partnership we evoke transformation from within, which is foundational to individual empowerment. To achieve these results, Guideline uses the co-active coaching methodology: the most flexible and proven method of coaching in the world. Coaching is done via phone or videoconference with anyone, anywhere, or in person in the Ann Arbor area.

Organizational assessment

An organizational assessment – whether at a holistic level, or focused on an individual department or functional area – can be the essential first step in designing the preferred future state for your organization. Some assessments are driven by the need to improve effectiveness or efficiency; others, to prepare for planned leadership succession, respond to an unanticipated event, or any number of imperatives. Regardless of the presenting issue, our methodology balances rigor and transparency. The process is guided by Guideline and led by the organization’s own leadership, who also manage the implementation of any resulting changes. The key outcomes of an assessment include both a fundamental understanding of the current state and a suite of high-potential moves to consider.

Strategic planning

Effective strategic planning is possible when leadership vision is combined with stakeholder engagement and data analysis. As an experienced, neutral third party, Guideline helps organizations create realistic, aspirational paths to success. This involves defining critical initiatives, goals, and measurable strategies. Strategic plans are typically designed for a 3-5 year timeline, and include a high-level framework accompanied by a more actionable implementation plan. Guideline custom designs every strategic planning engagement to best suit the needs, size, and timeline of each client.

Process improvement

Guideline approaches process improvement delicately and directly, helping organizations effectively navigate the uncomfortable uncertainty of complex change projects. First we create a cross-functional team of collaborators and lead them through a current state assessment. The effort and cost associated with the current state is then documented in a value stream map, and ultimately a future state process is designed, including a comprehensive prioritized list of process improvement ideas.

Training and Development

Leadership training supports and encourages high performing teams and organizations. Effective training enables participants to become better leaders and teaches them to lead decisively, thereby delivering positive results to the organization as a whole. Guideline designs and facilitates experiential learning and development solutions to provide insight, build skill, and improve performance while fostering team bonds. Our half, full, or multiple day group training opportunities include: communication; leadership; team dynamics; workplace engagement; time, project, and/or change management; strategic thinking; conflict resolution; emotional agility; influence; managing up; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and more. Guideline continuously adds innovative approaches to these offerings and will tailor training to meet with the specific goals and needs of your organization.


Productive meetings begin with thoughtful design and are supported by democratic, effective facilitation that guides rather than directs the conversation. Guideline designs and facilitates group meetings of various sizes, durations, and purposes. Our engagements include half, full, or multiple day retreats for board, faculty, staff, and/or leadership teams, ongoing support for project, task, or continuous improvement teams, and focus groups or interviews. Facilitation is an integral component of our core practice disciplines of strategic planning, process improvement, and organizational assessment as well as a stand alone offering.