Griffin Reames


Griffin is a professional coach and executive leader. Her consulting work includes strategic planning, lean six sigma process improvement, organizational assessment, and group facilitation. Griffin quickly establishes trust, demonstrates a systematic approach to problem-solving and future state design, and uses creativity and collaboration to generate meaningful change.

Ashley Garcia

Project Manager

Ashley is a customer service professional with seven years of administrative management experience. Positivity and agility are hallmarks of her work. Ashley is meticulous about the logistical needs of Guideline and its clients, helping to ensure the success of each project and the business itself.

Fiona Greenland

Management Consultant

Fiona is a highly trained researcher and administrator, specializing in cultural institutions and higher education. A full-time tenure-track faculty member, her research examines global markets in art and antiquities. She is systems-oriented in her approach to problem-solving and excels at drilling deep into a case or question to identify fundamental, long-lasting solutions.

Vincenza Mueller

Management Consultant

Vincenza is a results-driven executive coach and consultant with a 25+ year proven track record in organizational effectiveness, design, and development through strategic planning, change management, process improvement, leadership and team development, and group facilitation. She is an enterprising and detail-oriented forward-thinker with keen insight into what solutions best fit client needs.

Adam Reames

Management Consultant

Adam is an accomplished administrator, policy expert, and legislative attorney. He has an exceptional ability to assess complex organizations and processes, define strategic initiatives accordingly, and support those priorities with comprehensive, measurable goals and strategies. Adam draws on a broad intellectual background and diverse practical experience to create innovative solutions.

Sue Slack, Management Consultant

Sue Slack

Management Consultant

Sue is an experienced strategic leader and business process consultant. Since 1997, she has provided consulting services to higher education institutions, cultural, policy, and social service organizations. Sue is a problem solver who has the ability to quickly assess a situation, gain the trust and confidence of the people involved, and work collaboratively to develop strategic and operational solutions.

Ryan Waggoner, Management Consultant

Ryan Waggoner

Management Consultant

Ryan is a trained actuary and project manager whose background includes pension plan consulting for non-profits, managing software companies through rapid growth, and guiding small businesses through major changes. He is adept at distilling and synthesizing data to lay the groundwork for successful change management. Ryan’s diverse experience gives him a valuable perspective that creates powerful results.

Jesse Wilson

Management Consultant

Jesse has a robust understanding of a creative, practical, and purpose-driven approach to organizational growth. His life’s work has been focused on how individuals and groups can connect to self, others, and the wider world through meaningful purpose, and how that produces sustaining and sustainable joy, as well as inspiring people to find courage to resist the fear and anxiety that invariably threatens to derail such efforts in organizations and communities.

Our Values


The success of an organization is dependent upon everyone within it. All of these voices have value. We embrace this shared humanity, and approach our projects with open minded compassion for everyone involved or impacted.


Direct, transparent collaboration and communication are foundational to our work style and product. This begins within our own team, extends to our client relationships, and cascades to relevant stakeholders.


We treat people fairly and align our beliefs with our actions. We honor the responsibility with which we are entrusted. Our work enables the honest participation that is critical to our process and results.


We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We seek out relevant knowledge and always ask what more we can do. Our products are pragmatic, compelling, and surpass expectations.