Jesse Wilson, Management Consultant

Working for decades as an innovative and compassionate community leader, and now as a strategic consultant and coach to other leaders, Jesse brings a robust understanding of a creative, practical, and purpose driven approach to organizational growth. He has been training people and speaking professionally since he was a teenager, and his life’s work has been focused on how individuals and groups can connect to self, others, and the wider world through meaningful purpose, and how that produces sustaining and sustainable joy, as well as inspiring people to find courage to resist the fear and anxiety that invariably threatens to derail such efforts in organizations and communities.

At Guideline, Jesse consults primarily with small businesses, non-profits, and academic institutions. He specializes in helping organizations identify core motivations and values that serve as a basis for outcome visioning and strategic planning. An engaging facilitator, he is especially effective at building trust, identifying and clarifying core motivations and values, and guiding teams through collaborative and constructive conflict.

In 2015, Jesse founded CommaInc.Us, a purpose consulting and coaching practice to help organizations and leaders build businesses that are aligned with their core motivations. In the same year, he co-founded PlusCode, a digital design company for which he sets strategic direction and facilitates client discovery and project consultation. Both companies specialize in serving mission driven organizations, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their inspiring purpose so their unique value can be more effectively realized.

From 1996 to 2014, Jesse served as a pastor and coach for growing churches in southeastern Michigan, founding a vibrant, forward thinking congregation in Milan, Michigan in 2003. Building the church from the ground up, Jesse led diverse teams, supervised a large staff of paid and volunteer leaders, planned multi-year strategic initiatives, and managed complex crises.

Additionally, Jesse has been a practitioner of the Getting Things Done methodology for almost 20 years, and has both taught GTD workshops and coached leaders to implement it in their unique contexts.


Jesse has a BBA from Eastern Michigan University (1990-1994) with a concentration in Marketing. He was an international exchange student at Queen’s University in Belfast (1989-1990) and received his theological education at Ashland Theological Seminary (2001-2003).