Ashley Garcia, Project Manager

Ashley is an administrative professional with seven years of management experience. She
has trained, managed, and supported diverse teams with a variety of needs and goals by
taking the initiative to modernize and improve services whenever possible. Ashley is
passionate about helping her colleagues and clients succeed, always looking for
opportunities to increase efficiency and productivity.

At Guideline, Ashley is meticulous about the planning and logistical needs of the business
and its clients, helping to ensure the success of each project and the business itself. She
develops comprehensive project plans, tracks performance, and ensures operational and
budgetary objectives are met. Ashley’s dynamic, positive attitude coupled with creativity
and attention to detail make her a critical component of any team.

Prior to Guideline, Ashley managed various high-end restaurants and a popular boutique
gym. Ashley is also a health and fitness enthusiast and a currently teaches up to five group
fitness classes each week. Her tough workouts and encouraging style have cultivated a
regular following of hard-working class participants.

Education and Certifications

Ashley has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Communication
and Business from Washtenaw Community College (2016-2018). She is currently pursuing
a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Business minor from Eastern Michigan
University and plans to graduate in 2019. She is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor
through the American Council on Exercise and a certified Spinning Instructor through Mad
Dogg Athletics.